Balco has a variety of hay ranging from Oaten, Wheaten, Barely and Straw. A variety of pack types are also available from a 23kg bale through to a Big Bale of 470kg. Each can be shrink wrapped upon request.

All of Balco's hay is GMO free.

Talk to one of the Balco sales team to discuss order size and quantity.

Hay Grades

Within each range ther are a large variety of grades based on the feed test results achieve for each batch.

Key attributes of hay include:
Digestible Dry Matter (DDM)
- This is the percentage of the hay which an animal can digest. Higher DDM percentages are generally more desireable.
Neutral Detergent Fibre (NDF)
- The fibre which is measured by NDF is that which provides “bulk” for the diet and as a result reduces an animals intake. Low NDF is often more desirable. 
Acid Detergent Fibre (ADF)
- The least digestible parts of the hay and is used to calculate the energy values. Low ADF is generally  more desirable.
- Crude protein is an indicator of the protein which may be metabolised by the animal. Oaten hay typically falls in the range of 6-7% protein. Oaten hay is commonly used as a complementary fodder with higher protein additives.

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