Wheaten Hay

Australian Wheaten Hay is an opportunity source of digestible fibre created due to seasonal conditions which is favourable for dairy and beef cattle.

The unique quality of Balco Australia Wheaten Hay as a conserved fibre source delivers consistent performance for international farmers.

  • Highly digestible fibre
  • higher protein percentage 
  • A palatable food source for milking cows, dry cows and transition cows
  • Safe to feed
  • Consistent quality
  • The ability to be fed alone or as part of a total mix ration
  • Compliments the use of Alfalfa & Oaten Hay 
  • Low levels of potassium; reducing milk fever occurrence
  • Low levels of nitrate nitrogen
  • Low levels of contamination
  • Customers using quality Australian Wheaten Hay are enjoying the financial rewards of healthier animals and increased milk

Small bale on back, double strapping

23 kg bale

Bale 3 strapped with small unwrapped bale at side 1

unitised pack

Bale 3 strapped and wrapped with small unwrapped bale on back at side

shrink wrapped pack

Tall bale, narrow 8 strapping

big bale

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