taking hay to the next level

Quality is Balco’s non-negotiable. Our standards are recognised as elite on a global scale, with the most stringent of systems in place to ensure customers are receiving a premium product.

Australian Oaten Hay is a prime source of digestible fibre for dairy and beef cattle and the unique qualities of Balco Australia Oaten Hay as a conserved fibre source delivers all round performance and better returns for international farmers.

Since its modest beginnings in 1990, Balco Australia has developed long-term relationships with the most experienced growers in the prime production regions of South Australia and Western Australia, ensuring clients are reliably supplied with consistent, premium hay.

Balco -taking hay to the next level

Balco Australia is an Australian company specialising in the export hay industry.

With roots firmly based in rural Australia, the company has been the driving force in leading the Australian hay industry through product innovation, continual process improvement and new export market exploration.

Balco Australia is committed to supporting the local community through employment and the provision of expert support and training, while maintaining an excellent safety record.

The company and its growers work hand in hand to set the benchmark in quality standards across the industry.

A deep understanding of our customer's needs and the expertise of our in-house agronomy team has developed deep and long term relationships with buyers worldwide who have come to rely on us for quality, expertise and reliability.


Partnerships & Affiliations


Australian Exporters Company (AEXCO) represents the majority of export hay processors located in Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and southern New South Wales.  Selected in 2001 by the South Australian Research and Development Institute (SARDI) to commercialise new hay varieties, AEXCO has since launched seven oat hay varieties onto the market.

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Dairy One Cooperative Inc. is an information technology cooperative providing records services and herd management software.  The Dairy One forage laboratory is recognised as a leader both nationally and internationally for its fast, reliable analysis of all manner of feed and forages, as well as soil, water, and manure analyses. Since 2011, Balco Australia has undertaken nutritional analysis via Dairy One to internationally recognised standards.

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