Hay products

Oaten Hay

Australian Oaten Hay is a prime source of digestible fibre for dairy and beef cattle.  The unique qualities of Balco Australia Oaten Hay as a conserved fibre source delivers all round performance for international farmers.

  • Highly digestible fibre
  • A palatable food source for milking cows, dry cows and transition cows
  • A reputation as a sweet hay
  • Safe to feed
  • Consistent quality
  • The ability to be fed alone or as part of a total mix ration
  • Compliments the use of Alfalfa
  • Low levels of potassium; reducing milk fever occurance
  • Low levels of nitrate nitrogen
  • Low levels of contamination

Customers using quality Australian Oaten Hay are enjoying the financial rewards of healthier animals and increased milk production

balco oaten hay